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Mountain Path


Thank you Sam! I loved your presentation!

Great Info sharing, very engaging, you created a loving space to talk about a sensitive subject!


- Jane Hardwicke Collings - Midwife, Teacher of the Women's Mysteries,

The School of Shamanic Womancraft.


Thank you Samantha for your incredible attention to detail while not losing sight of the big picture for our client's and those we partner with.  It has been such a pleasure to  work alongside you again. Thank you for being committed to serving our client's with excellence and for leading client's through a process of self discovery while making sure they remain accountable and committed to the  actions they want to take.


- Jo Muirhead - Founder, PurpleCo.

Samantha was able to assist me as a Rehabilitation Counsellor transition form occupational rehabilitation to vocational rehabilitation.  Samantha enabled me to develop skills through her extensive knowledge and experience in Life Insurance, CTP and Workers Compensation rehabilitation.  She always challenged and encouraged me with my vocational assessments, employability assessments and specific testing for complex rehabilitation cases.  Samantha was professional, extremely supportive and an amazing mentor!  Thank you.


- Yvonne Handy, Rehabilitation Counsellor

"I am very grateful that Sam was able to hold space for me at a time that I was psychologically at a very low point.  

Since the day I spoke to Sam, I felt like I began to rehabilitate my psychological, emotional, and spiritual health with her extremely empathetic ability to hear me, validate me and push me in the right directions for me, which she continues to do so as we continue to meet".

- Clare,  Evolved Therapies Client

Thanks for being a non-judgemental counsellor that could hold space for me with an open heart and mind and also being the person who saved my life in 2019 when I was at a low point and put me in the direction of my healing journey.
           (Christmas 2021) - Clare, Evolved                Therapies Client

Dear Sam, Thank you so much for sharing space and for your advice . 
                           V , Evolved Therapies Client

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