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Heart Centred Education


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Overcoming Food Addiction: The Gain & Loss of 70kg.

A Sam Nugent Safe Spaces Special Event

In this special event, I share my personal experience with food addiction, how it starts, how it continues, and how I finally overcame it.

Learn about the unexpected events that resulted in creating a space that revolutionised my relationship with food, and why it took so long! 

Leave with techniques you can employ for success, managing challenging times, and maintaining your success.

Date and Time: To be confirmed.


Fighting Housing Insecurity: Your rights as Tenants in the ACT

A Sam Nugent Safe Spaces Special Event

In this upcoming annual event, I share my personal experience with past homelessness and housing insecurity, and what resources are available for tenants in the ACT in the often changing world of the rental housing market.

Tenants often feel confused, and powerless in this highly competitive space, but it does not have to be this way. 

Learn about your rights, and the free and publicly available resources serving both tenants and landlords.

Date and Time: To be confirmed.

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Kicking off the 2021 Summer Series, join me in discussing the evidence based health benefits of gratitude practice and some simple tips to incorporate it into your daily life.

It concludes with a heart centred gratitude meditation Listen to the meditation here, and download the 7 Easy Tips. 

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Pathways to Purposeful Nurturing for modern women without children by choice or chance.  

Stemming from history and mythos of Goddess.

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Incorporating Gratitude Practice into Your Daily Life.

A Crystal Chalice Summer Series Event

Heart Centred Gratitude Meditation
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