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Careers with Meaning


The Harrison Assessment is the only evidence based career assessment tool based on performance enjoyment theory. Seeking a work life with greater purpose and meaning? Sam and the Harrison can identify and create career pathways based on both science and soul.


To ensure the Harrison is the right service to meet your needs and goals, an initial session and post assessment outcome session are required, which can be conducted in person or online. The purpose of these sessions are to establish:

  • Your desired outcomes and goals from the assessment.

  • Your work aspect preferences. (We don't all just work for the money!)

  • The best outcome reports to generate, to serve your unique goals and get the most out of your Harrison Assessment without incurring additional fees.

  • Interpretation of the Assessment results and the options and pathways going forward


Have more questions? Contact Sam for a no obligation FREE 30 minute consultation!





Foundational Package

This foundational Harrison Assessment package is everything you need to get started, and get some clear and realistic answers around the your current strengths, skills and options so you can start moving forward with confidence!  

  • Your Initial pre assessment career counselling session to determine suitability and goals in person or online.

  • Your Online key to access and complete the assessment online from the comfort of your home.

  • All Three Foundational Harrison Assessment Reports (names fictional):

  • Your Greatest Strengths Report

  • Career Development Report 


  • Career Options Report


  • ​A FREE Career Enjoyment Analysis Report on up to three options you might be considering!

  • A post assessment vocational and career counselling session to interpret your results, ​map out your options, and next identify your next steps in person or online.

  • A FREE list of Sam's Key Career Resources to help you explore your options further in your own time.



So what are these life changing answers, reassuring science-based security, and confidence worth?

There's  a massive $862.00 of included value in this package!


But! Sam knows first hand just how important the right path is to your mental healthand happiness to be able to

confidently leave an unrewarding job so has put together this amazing value package for you for only $600.00!

Payment Plan Available - 3 Easy Steps!

All payments can be made by direct deposit for online clients, or cash or card via Square in person.

1) Get started by securing this amazing package with just a $50 deposit!

2) Be Inspired in your First Session and Access to The Assessment  with a second payment of $250.00.

3) Move Forward Immediately by exploring all your Results and the wealth of possibilities ahead in a practical, action  focused final session to get started immediately on your future! Receive all your reports to take home and FREE resources to help you along your way to your amazing new career! A final payment of $300.00 completes your package.




Your Foundation Assessment can be just the start of your career journey! Ask Sam about additional reports generated from your Foundational Harrison Assessment! Fees Apply. 

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