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A Person-Centred Journey - Beyond the Clinical


With over 25 years experience in psychology, clinical rehabilitation, counselling and mental health, Sam knows that people are more than diagnoses and labels.

Sometimes, healing and resonance can be found in complimentary therapies, artistry and spirituality.

This is why Sam undertook additional training in holistic counselling and shamanic practice to be able to offer more to her clients.

To be able to offer beyond the clinical.

As a highly empathic and intuitive practitioner, Sam utilises Tarot and Oracle cards as helpful tools in providing a truly holistic counselling experience. 

So take a peaceful and grounding tarot or oracle card journey with Sam for an introduction to Evolved Therapy, or just profound insight into your home, work, family or career.

                          To Book an Evolved Reading text Sam on 0478 626 166
                                      Wednesdays, Fridays & Fairs 10:00am - 5:00pm

          (Evolved Readings are $60 per 30 minutes payable by cash or bank deposit on the day)


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