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Experience to Innovate



Rehabilitation is a journey.

From diagnosis, through treatment, to your optimal functioning and best life.

As a Rehabilitation Clinician, I've partnered with clients to help them find their own unique healing journey, to suit their needs, budgets, lifestyle and goals. Rehabilitation has EVOLVED.

  • Initial Assessments.

  • Rehabilitation & Recovery Assessments.

  • Vocational Assessments.

  • Mental Health & Risk Assessments.

  • Evidence-Based Testing.

  • Interest Inventories.

  • Collaborative Planning.

  • Rehabilitation Programs & Counselling.

  • Vocational Programs & Counselling.

  • Reporting (if required)

Areas of Rehabilitation and Return to Work Expertise:

  • Acquired & Traumatic Brain Injuries.

  • Cancer and Post Treatment Fatigue.

  • Chronic Pain 

  • Chronic Fatigue.

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

  • Gender Identity

  • Personality Disorders.

  • Neurological Conditions.

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Your Journey, Your Choices, in Your Time.

  • Communication

  • Session Times & Locations

  • One-off Assessments or Tailored Programs

  • Reporting & Information Sharing (if required, with your permission)


You Deserve Time to Think

Take Time to Consider Recommendations












Time Frames & Fees

  • Assessments  -  Up to 120 minutes $160.00.

  • Reporting (if required*)  -  $80.00 per hour.

  • Plan Document  -  Up to 30 minutes $50.00 per plan.

  • Plan Amendments and Revisions (if required*)  -  $80.00 per hour.

  • Evidence Based Testing  -  Up to 30 minutes $50.00

  • Monitoring & Communication (if required **) Time Taken - $80.00 per hour.

  • Reporting or Plan Distribution (if required*) Time Taken - $80.00 per hour.


Time Taken to complete, apportioned per minute at rate. 

**Time Taken to complete, if outside of scheduled sessions apportioned per minute at rate. 


HEALING is NOT a Linear Journey.

You Don't Have to Travel ALONE.

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