Inclusive of All Women Irrespective of Marital, Parental & Biological Status


A passionate advocate for the diversity in Women's identity, Sam Nugent's Womens Circles are designed to be safe, welcoming and inclusive of all women regardless of their born biology, marital or parental status.

The key message of all of these circles is that we are so much more than our roles or the labels we carry. Sam has written contributions for supporting women without children by choice or chance and is internationally recognised for her work in the "Otherhood" space bringing together and championing unity between both mothers, and women without children. Sam has delivered workshops and womens circles in for the 2017 & 2018 Goddess Conferences in Australia.


Sam will be bringing Womens Circles to Canberra from February 2019 and nationally in the future. To find more about Sam Nugent's Womens Circles including dates, locations and topics, stay tuned to the Facebook page or contact Sam!

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