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Newcastle Australia


Sam's Story:

Sam Nugent is a Clinical & Holistic Therapist on a mission!


That mission is to help people fall in love with their lives again, by loving who they are and loving what they do!


Called to this mission from an over 25 year career as a clinician, educator, psychologist & rehabilitation counsellor, Sam identified a clear gap in the services supported by the insurers and regulatory systems covering her clients.


For more than 25 years, Sam specialised in the comprehensive management & tertiary clinical & vocational  rehabilitation of clients with complex needs. This earned her a national reputation in achieving outcomes for people who sustained multiple or catastrophic physical injuries, life changing illness diagnoses, & traumatic brain injuries often combined with pre-existing or acquired psychological illnesses. 

In rebuilding the lives of these clients and their families, Sam learned that her clients needed the exploration and restoration of three key life factors, all unique to each client. By identifying & focusing on these key life factors, Sam's exceptional client results were observed in:

  • Maximal medical & clinical improvement in functioning and symptom recovery.

  • Improved adjustment to life after acquired disability.

  • Return to work, careers, or business.

  • Life satisfaction, & overall happiness from being able to find their own new pathways, & to identify & reach personal goals.

These three life factors form the cornerstone underpinning Sam's mission and practice. They are:

  • Meaning: Understanding the how of what I do, either personally or professionally & how it serves who I am, what I want, & what is important to me.

  • Purpose: What am I here for, what do I want from life and to achieve from my life?

  • Identity: Who am I? What is special & unique about me, & how can I craft my life to support & align with this?


Sam learned that to truly focus on these life factors & sustainably achieve long term outcomes, a holistic & humanistic approach was essential.  Sam also saw far too many clients slip through the gaps & limitations of the Medicare, Regulatory & Insurance systems failing in meeting & prioritising client's needs.

A new approach was required.

This approach required a spectrum being able to access & bring together the best of evidence based practice, with the inclusion of complimentary and holistic therapies, and ancient and spiritual wisdom if they resonated with a clients of diverse cultural backgrounds, age & careers.

Yet that wasn't everything - lived experience, the surviving of personal traumas to learn the survival skills to truly share these areas of expertise, championing ongoing  self healing & independence with whole hearted empathy became the glue that holds together the clinical, complimentary & holistic, in balance with utilising these tools with compassion & deep empathy to truly serve client needs.

Sam calls this "Evolved Therapy"  &  the outcomes have reflected conversations & feedback Sam's received from clients, colleagues &  over 40 staff, students and mentees over the previous 25 years, & that is why they always said they "felt better" after any conversation with her. 


This became the motto of Evolved Therapy - "Leave Feeling Better".


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Sam's Credentials

  • Bachelor of Arts, double major Psychology, University of Queensland.

  • Master of Human Services Rehabilitation Counselling, Griffith University.

  • CTP Provider Training, Motor Accidents Authority.

  • Comcare Accreditation, Approved Provider No. 1285, Comcare.

  • Harrison Assessments Accreditation, Balance at Work.

  • Rewired Conversations, Brain Based Coaching, Michelle Loch.

  • Post Graduate Diploma, Holistic Counselling, Health & Harmony College.

  • Shamanic Practice Training.

Professional Memberships

  • Full Member, Rehabilitation Counselling Association of Australasia (RCAA), 2000-2018.

  • Director, Rehabilitation Counselling Association of Australasia (RCAA), 2015 - 2016.

  • Full Member, International Association of Complimentary Therapists (IICT), 2018 - current.

Academic Roles 2014-2018

  • Practicum Supervisor - Post Graduate Diploma of Rehabilitation Counselling

  • Subject Writer, Lecturer and External Students Tutor: DSRS4040: Vocational Assessment Evaluation & Job Placement.

  • Contributing Subject Writer DSRS4033: Workers & Accident Compensation, Injury Management & Occupational Rehabilitation

  • External Students Tutor:

    • DSRS3234: Case Management. 

    • DSRS4100: Rehabilitation & Mental Health

    • DSRS4018: Applied Counselling & Rehabilitation 

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