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Lighting your unique pathway and evolution to meaning, purpose, and identity. Clinical and holistic counselling therapies, workshops and programs, bringing together the best of evidence based and complimentary practices, with ancient and spiritual wisdom.

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Your Pathways to Meaning, Purpose and Identity


"Sapere aude"  -  Horace 20BCE

Dare to know.

Can ancient wisdoms, complimentary therapies and evidence-based practice work together? 


Sam can show you how they can not just only work together but enhance outcomes and results!

Join us and dare to know how!


Feeling alone? You're not the only one!


Sam Nugent's Safe Spaces are supportive discussion groups that are:

  • Inclusive

  • Structured & Educational

  • Positive

  • Non Judgemental

  • Practical & Solutions Focused

  • All attendees are required to agree to maintain confidentiality of Safe Spaces.

  • Accessibly Priced at $20 per person per event

  • Limited to 20 attendees


See our Facebook page for event topics!


"Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life"  

-  Dolly Parton

 Want to change your job or career, but have so many questions...

  • Will I earn enough money?

  • Is there job security?

  • Does it align with my values, ethics, life commitments?

  • Will I need training

  • Where do I start, or what's even out there?  and most importantly...

  • Will it make me happy?

You don't need to jump out of a plane without a parachute because science can help answer all those questions!  

The Harrison Assessment is the only evidence based career assessment tool based on performance enjoyment theory! (but it requires specialised training and accreditation... good thing Sam has that!)


Ready to fly?



Sam has been changing lives for the better for over 18 years as a clinician, clinical supervisor and tertiary educator.

She has proven experience to innovate and create unique services combining both clinical and holistic techniques.

Want to learn more and find out just how you can work with Sam to find a unique service solution to meet your needs and budget? 

Request a FREE 30 minute discussion to find out!

Curious about Sam's current service innovations blend science and soul?

“If we can share our story with someone who responds with empathy and understanding, shame can't survive.” 

                                                      - Brene Brown         


Want to go on a journey to meaning, purpose and identity? Want to discuss workshops to inspire, uplift and educate your customers or community? Let's collaborate!

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